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Cosplay star Molly RedWolf is a Slytherin Hogwart’s Legacy vision to behold on the cover and inside the pages of the ninth issue of Bazowie! Magazine, presented by MyFreeCams! Features include GenCon turns 55, FinleyFae interview with multiple cosplays, Zorah with a G.I. Joe Cobra cosplay, the useful convention calendar, now back to IRL events, and an exclusive in-depth interview with Luke Sparke, the writer and director of Occupation and Occupation: Rainfall. This issue also serves as the program guide for the Bazowie! Awards, presented by Zinetastic, and lists all the Bazowie! Awards nominees. Format is digital, both single pages for mobile and double pages for desktop reading, 48 pages. This title is available for immediate download! Set up a login, while checking out, and you can come back and re-download later easily 🙂 This title is also available in a print edition.

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